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Peer Review Working Group: Next Steps

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Peer review is critical for the acceptance of open textbooks by the wider world. Perceptions of uncertain quality of open textbooks is often cited as a barrier to adoption. Good, transparent review processes will help solve this problem. While many open textbooks are comprehensively reviewed, there is currently no accepted standard or process for review.Keep reading “Peer Review Working Group: Next Steps”

Making Open Textbooks Accessible: A Test Case

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The Rebus Community is pleased to announce the latest addition to our stable of projects: Financial Strategy for Public Managers. Led by Justin Marlowe of the University of Washington, this text is targeted at Master of Public Administration students, but could also serve as the core text for a range of undergraduate, graduate and professionalKeep reading “Making Open Textbooks Accessible: A Test Case”

The Rebus Approach to Accessibility & Inclusivity

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In part one of our series on accessibility, we covered what accessibility is and why it’s important. Now, learn about what we’re doing to ensure accessibility for the open textbooks we support. How Do We Ensure Accessibility & Inclusivity of the Open Textbooks Created with Rebus Support? The Rebus Community is committed to ensuring thatKeep reading “The Rebus Approach to Accessibility & Inclusivity”

What is Accessibility?

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At Rebus, we’re committed to ensuring that all Open Textbooks coming through the Rebus process are accessible. In fact, we are working on building accessibility right into the authoring process. What do we mean by accessibility? Accessibility is the term used for, roughly, “making it easy for people with disabilities (say people with visual impairments,Keep reading “What is Accessibility?”

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