Building a new publishing ecosystem, based on open principles.

Books and textbooks are central tools in our intellectual lives. While they are no longer alone in our media landscape, books maintain their critical place in our culture as the documentation of human knowledge and experience.

The Rebus Foundation builds new models and technology for open book publishing and reading on the web, to encourage deeper engagement, and to enable people (and machines) to use and build on books and reading in new and meaningful ways.

open web, open principles

In parallel with our work in open publishing and deep reading, we are members of the W3C, where we are helping develop a new vision for books that are native to the web. We want to help combine the portability of printed books with the interconnectedness and flexibility of the open web.

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  • The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation is a leader in philanthropic support for education, environment, and global development.
  • The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation is a leader in support to the arts and humanities, directed at the long-term well-being of diverse and democratic societies.

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