Making Open Textbooks Accessible: A Test Case

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The Rebus Community is pleased to announce the latest addition to our stable of projects: Financial Strategy for Public Managers.

Led by Justin Marlowe of the University of Washington, this text is targeted at Master of Public Administration students, but could also serve as the core text for a range of undergraduate, graduate and professional education courses on public financial management.

In addition to being a great contribution to students and faculty in the area, this project will be serving as a special test case for the Rebus approach to accessibility. We understand the importance of accessibility and inclusive design when it comes to both the production and consumption of open textbooks and are working to ensure appropriate checks and tools are built into our processes (read more about our approach).

If you can help with reviewing, proofreading or promotion, you can sign up at the Financial Strategy project post. Or, if you can contribute to our work on accessibility, head over to the forum and add your name to the working group we’re forming.

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