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So Far, So Good! (The Rebus Guide v2.0)

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Just under a year ago, we announced the initial release of The Rebus Guide to Publishing Open Textbooks (So Far). The book represents over two years of collective knowledge about making OER, gathered from the many minds and hands of project leads, contributors, and others within the Rebus Community. We are now pleased to shareKeep reading “So Far, So Good! (The Rebus Guide v2.0)”

Adapting OER for your Unique Context (Office Hours Summary)

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“Adapting OER for your Unique Context,” a co-presentation with the Open Textbook Network, taught us a lot about the wealth of possibilities for adaptation that OER presents, and the different methods of achieving those adaptation dreams. Our guests told us stories of creating an open textbook that is easily adaptable and of adapting an openKeep reading “Adapting OER for your Unique Context (Office Hours Summary)”

Publishing Together: Finding Community in Introduction to Philosophy

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There were 163 posts on the Rebus Community platform and 35 people collaborating on the Introduction to Philosophy series when I first joined this open textbook project. The team had been working together for almost six months, so there was some catching up to do: I had to understand the team’s motivations, vision, and currentKeep reading “Publishing Together: Finding Community in Introduction to Philosophy”

Publishing is about making things public

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We here at Rebus are often asked what it is we do, both as individuals and as an organization. Sometimes, depending on the context, we find ourselves stretching to find the right combination of words—non-profit, web-based platforms, tools for academics, digital texts, collaboration. A common perception is that Rebus is a publisher, given that weKeep reading “Publishing is about making things public”

More than a Button: Getting Open Textbooks into Print. (Office Hours Summary)

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More than a Button: Getting Open Textbooks into Print, a co-presentation with Open Textbook Network (OTN), was a great success! Guests spoke from a variety of perspectives, helping us learn more about print-on-demand (PoD) services for open textbooks. PoD sounds straightforward enough, but as we got deeper into the topic we discovered so many complications—fromKeep reading “More than a Button: Getting Open Textbooks into Print. (Office Hours Summary)”

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