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Leveraging OER for Online Courses

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Open & Online. Post 1 Instructors around the world are faced with the challenge of shifting their teaching to an online format. This shift isn’t just about finding an online textbook, but also involves rethinking around pedagogy and ways to assess students’ learning. Open Educational Resources (OER) and open tools and platforms are an excellentKeep reading “Leveraging OER for Online Courses”

Rebus and Pressbooks Announce Support for Faculty Going Online: Open & Online

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Update: This program has been discontinued. We are very proud of the projects were be able to support and inspired by the people we met. Thank you to Steel Wagstaff, Apurva Ashok, and Amy Song for all their help. March 16th was the first week our office went home to work. Because much of theKeep reading “Rebus and Pressbooks Announce Support for Faculty Going Online: Open & Online”

Reports: Marking Open & Affordable Courses

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This is the eighth in a series of reports filed by Donna Langille, a practicum student who joined us for the spring of 2019. We’ll be releasing each chapter as a weekly blog post. Find the complete text at Rebus Community Reports. Making Marking The OER about OER from Michelle Reed, Sarah Hare, and JessicaKeep reading “Reports: Marking Open & Affordable Courses”

Making books to build communities, building communities to make books.

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Brewster Kahle, of the Internet Archive, gave a talk back in 2004 titled, “Universal Access to All Human Knowledge,” arguing that new web technologies could help realize a world in which all knowledge would be available to anyone for free. Brewster’s vision was a core inspiration for the past decade and a half of myKeep reading “Making books to build communities, building communities to make books.”

Open Ed Week 2019


We have been deeply engaged in the development of the Rebus Community platform and in writing the documentation that accompanies it, and we’re very excited for the opportunity to share that work as part of Open Ed Week 2019. Join us in celebrating OER from March 4th to 8th—a great chance to meet new people,Keep reading “Open Ed Week 2019”

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