Found: A Lead Editor for The Open Anthology of Earlier American Literature

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We are pleased to announce that The Open Anthology of Earlier American Literature has a new lead editor. Timothy Robbins, an assistant professor of English at Graceland University, has joined the project and will be leading the charge to expand the range of texts covered in the anthology.

This second edition will continue the work pioneered by Robin DeRosa of Plymouth University, a champion of open pedagogy. Robin has written about how she and her students compiled the first edition in this post, and we are grateful for her support as we pick up where she left off.

Tim has used the Anthology in his own Early American Lit course and is dedicated to student collaboration and innovative teaching practices. His research interests include literature of the “Long Nineteenth Century” in the United States, and his Ph.D. focused on the works of Walt Whitman (so expect that section to grow!).

In the coming weeks, Tim will be taking the lead in developing a table of contents, and we’ll be looking for more volunteers to help with finding public domain texts, writing introductions and getting the book looking good.

A list of detailed tasks to be done will be available soon, so make sure you sign up to help and stay up to date on the project page in the Rebus Community forum.

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