The Rebus Ink MVP is released and ready for testing!

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Spring has finally arrived in Montreal and with it comes the freshly sprouted MVP (minimum viable product) of Rebus Ink! We invite you to test out the MVP and give us your feedback. Bear in mind that this is a development site, and any content you upload or create may be deleted at any time without warning…

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Here’s a quick taste of what the MVP features.

Add one or multiple EPUBs to your bookshelf, either by dragging and dropping or browsing files on your local device. (For now, you can also link to HTML pages, and shortly you’ll be able to import HTML pages like individual files.)

From there, you can create collections according to theme, discipline, or subject (or any other parameter) and then fill them with your books, articles, and chapters (or any other item you have uploaded).

In the reading interface, you can read, highlight, and annotate your items (in any language), both in page-view or full-screen mode.

A key technical feature is our open API, which enables Ink’s ongoing extensibility and relevancy in the long term. If you are interested in contributing to the development process on this front, let us know. Read more about the API on the Rebus Ink Github documentation, including the W3C standard on which we are basing it.

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