Rebus Projects v1.1 Changelog


As promised, since the first release if Rebus Projects in mid-May, we’ve been continuing to work hard on it and it’s time for an update! Listed here are the new features and other changes that will be released this week. We’ll be sharing these changelogs with every new release so you can keep track of progress. And, as always, we welcome your questionsbug reports, feedback, and any great ideas you have for what we should add in future.

New Features

  • A completely new project admin interface, including:
    • A single editing UI for all of a project’s Activities, Discussions, Resources, and metadata
    • Autosave while editing
    • A new team management interface with autocomplete search of all registered users
  • New public/private mechanism for both activities and projects that lets you edit a ‘draft’ project before publishing
  • Project Language and Book Language metadata with autocomplete support for searching the native and English names of over 213 languages (other languages supported via language codes).

Other smaller changes:

  • Simplified project and activity creation
  • More reliable comments form
  • Improvements to the profile creation flow
  • UX improvements to the outline editor
  • A bunch of other bug fixes!

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