Call for Chapter Contributions on Metaphysics, Behaviorism, and Materialism

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We are seeking chapter contributions of 2,000-3,000 words (8-10 pages double-spaced) on a range of topics within metaphysics and philosophy of mind for the Introduction to Philosophy open textbook, edited by Christina Hendricks (UBC). We encourage interest and contributions from members of underrepresented groups within the philosophical community.

Philosophy of Mind

We are looking for one or two chapter contributions on the subjects of behaviorism and materialism (identity theory of the mind)Chapters should be written for a smart undergraduate student population being exposed to philosophy of mind for the first time. Send a CV and a short paragraph of your experience in teaching philosophy of mind to Heather Salazar at with the subject heading “Phil Mind Open Text.”


Authors are needed for the following chapters (descriptions available):

  • Finitism, infinitism, monism, dualism, pluralism (Counting 1)
  • Case study: what if anything are numbers? (Counting 2)
  • Case study: metaphysics on a human scale asks whether there is free action
  • Case study: what are universals?
  • Notes on methods: is there an experimental metaphysics?
  • The difficult contacts between religious and physicalistic metaphysics
  • Topics for further study

Please send a CV, including details of your teaching and research experience, to Palma Adriano, and copy Apurva Ashok.

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