Contributors Wanted: Literature Reviews for Education and Nursing Graduate Students

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We’re excited to announce the newest open textbook project to receive Rebus support: Literature Reviews for Education and Nursing Graduate Students.

The project began as a collection of resources that lead author Linda Frederiksen, head of access services at Washington State University Vancouver, used in her classes. After various attempts at a format for the materials, including one that integrated them into her institution’s learning management system, it became clear that an open textbook would be the most appropriate and helpful format for students.

Along with co-author Sue Phelps, Frederiksen will be spending her sabbatical updating and adding to the materials. The result will be a new open textbook on how to do library research, designed for graduate students in the education and nursing disciplines.

The authors will be seeking help with editing, proofreading and peer review in particular, as well as formatting, accessibility checks and classroom adoption.

If you’re interested in helping, see the project post and reply with a note about your interest and expertise.

You can also reach out to us by email at

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