Call for Contributors: A Guide to Authoring Open Textbooks

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Are you an open textbook champion who wants to help others by sharing your experience producing open textbooks? Melissa Falldin of the University of Minnesota and Karen Lauritsen of the Open Textbook Network are producing a guide to authoring open textbooks and they’re looking for contributors.

The guide will be for authors or project managers/librarians working with faculty authors who want to write an open textbook.

Currently the editors are seeking authors for two chapters; Institutional Considerations and Writing Recommendations (see the project page for a full description). The project in progress is a first-edition release. Once it is complete and published, the authors will seek feedback to inform future iterations.

Interested in helping? You can let us know by doing the following:

  1. Read the project page in the Rebus Community forum.
  2. Register for the forum and reply to the authors with your interest.

Or, if you have more questions, you can also email

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