Call for Contributors: Foundations of Biology

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Would you like to help create an Open textbook for biology survey courses at community colleges?

“Foundations of Biology” is being led by a group of authors at Greenfield Community College who are looking to adapt two OpenStax textbooks (Biology and Concepts of Biology) to create a version suitable for the mixed groups that are taught in a community college setting. The project is one of a handful of Open Textbooks being created with the support of the Rebus Community for Open Textbook Creation.

We’re looking for people to help with getting the existing OpenStax texts into the Rebus Community Press (which means some Pressbooks wrangling), checking accessibility requirements and proofreading.

Interested in helping? You can let us know by doing the following:

  1. Read the project page in the Rebus Community forum.
  2. Register for the forum and reply with your interest.

Or, if you have more questions, you can also email

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