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Call for Open Textbook contributions: An Introduction to Philosophy

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Would you like to help create and publish an Open Textbook, “An Introduction to Philosophy,” and at the same time contribute to developing a new, collaborative model for publishing Open Textbooks? “An Introduction to Philosophy”, in development by lead author Christina Hendricks (University of British Columbia), is one of a handful of Open Textbook projectsKeep reading “Call for Open Textbook contributions: An Introduction to Philosophy”

Rebus Foundation Launches Rebus Community


The Rebus Foundation has launched its first project, The Rebus Community for Open Textbook Creation. The Rebus Community will build a new, collaborative model for open textbook publishing. Its mission is to publish many new, high-quality CC-BY-licensed open textbooks that can be freely used and remixed by educators worldwide. In addition, the community will provideKeep reading “Rebus Foundation Launches Rebus Community”

A joint statement on the CC BY license

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Members of the Open Textbook community signed a joint statement today advocating the use of the CC BY license when creating open textbooks. We, the undersigned, are active in the creation, dissemination, and adoption of Open Textbooks and Open Educational Resources (OER) throughout the world. Our projects, collectively, have involved hundreds of textbooks, thousands ofKeep reading “A joint statement on the CC BY license”

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