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Rebus Welcomes New Colleagues!


Rebus Foundation’s global headquarters in Montreal is suddenly a bit more full, as three new team members have joined us over the past few weeks. Başak, Dexter, and David are bringing themselves up to speed on our current and future initiatives, and we are excited for the momentum and fresh perspectives they bring to theKeep reading “Rebus Welcomes New Colleagues!”

We’re Hiring: UX/Front-End Developer, Rebus Community (CLOSED)


The Rebus Foundation is a Montreal-based non-profit focused on tech, books, open education, and open culture. We are looking for a UX/Front-End Developer to work on the Rebus Community, where we develop tools and resources to support the publishing of free, open, and adaptable digital textbooks. The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 3Keep reading “We’re Hiring: UX/Front-End Developer, Rebus Community (CLOSED)”

August Office Hours: Publishing Textbooks vs. Monographs & Journals (Audio Transcript)

Office Hours

Watch the video recording of this Office Hours session, or keep reading for a full transcript. Audio Transcript Speakers: Danielle Mead Skjelver David Alan Rech Chealsye Bowley Karen Lauritsen Zoe Wake Hyde Rajiv Jhangiani Karen: Hi, everyone, I’m Karen Lauritsen I’m managing director with the Open Textbook Network. We are a community of institutions workingKeep reading “August Office Hours: Publishing Textbooks vs. Monographs & Journals (Audio Transcript)”

A joint statement on the CC BY license

News OER philosophy

Members of the Open Textbook community signed a joint statement today advocating the use of the CC BY license when creating open textbooks. We, the undersigned, are active in the creation, dissemination, and adoption of Open Textbooks and Open Educational Resources (OER) throughout the world. Our projects, collectively, have involved hundreds of textbooks, thousands ofKeep reading “A joint statement on the CC BY license”

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