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“Facilitating Classroom Review of Open Textbooks,” a co-presentation with Open Textbook Network, featured three guests with varying perspectives on classroom review—from the theoretical to the applied. Our guests gave us loads to think about, including student reviewer compensation, assessment tools, and how classroom review can be an opportunity for open pedagogy.

This month, we were joined by Jaren Robinson (Research Associate, McGill University; Former Primary Researcher, Open Education Group), Ian McDermott (Coordinator of Library Instruction, Associate Professor, LaGuardia Community College, CUNY), and Andre Mount (Associate Professor of Music Theory, Crane School of Music, SUNY Potsdam).

Jared Robinson began by sharing his experience with the Open Education Group at Brigham Young University, where his advisor was David Wiley. He told us about the four dimensions of researching open educational resources: cost, outcomes, use, and perception.

Ian McDermott talked about the suite of tools that he and his colleagues have developed. The Textbook Evaluation Toolkit includes a range of assessment tools faculty can use to get feedback from students using open textbooks. Ian is also interested in getting students to respond to the different survey instruments.

Andre Mount has just started reviewing a textbook he created. At first, he was concerned about students finding typos and losing faith in the textbook. To counteract that concern Andre employed the following strategy. Rather than let students stumble on typos, he warned them from the get go and used it as an opportunity to educate them about open education. Students found errors and gained extra credit.

Thanks to everyone who joined “Facilitating Classroom Review of Open Textbooks,” and thanks to Jared, Ian, and Andre for sharing their experiences and perspectives. As always, thanks to our co-hosts the Open Textbook Network. On March 19th, Office Hours will take on the topic of “Multimedia in Open Textbooks.” RSVP today.

Read the transcript for “Facilitating Classroom Review of Open Textbooks.”

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