The Team

Hugh McGuire

Hugh McGuire
Hugh has been building web tools and communities that bring books onto the web for a decade. He is the founder of LibriVox, Pressbooks, and iambik and the co-editor of “Book: A Futurist’s Manifesto.” You can find him @hughmcguire.

Boris Anthony

Boris Anthony
Boris has been designing, architecting, building on the Web since 1995. Applying strategic design and experience architecture, in recent years he’s worked with Nokia, HERE, GlobalVoices, Dopplr and many others. You can find him via

Baldur Bjarnasson

Baldur Bjarnason
Baldur has been a web developer for 20 years, with experience in interactive media, academia, blogs, ecommerce, catalogs, web services and more. Most recently he worked on digital book production and analytics in the publishing industry. Baldur writes about books and technology at Baldur’s Notes.

Zoe Wake Hyde

Zoe Wake Hyde
Zoe is a graduate of the Master of Publishing program at Simon Fraser University. She has previously worked in media communications and academia in a range of roles. Her interests lie in the future of academic publishing, innovative business models and technologies, and Open publishing practices.

Apurva Ashok

Apurva Ashok headshot
Apurva holds a Master of Publishing degree from Simon Fraser University and a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours in English from McGill University. She is working toward making academic work more accessible, and values the translation of ideas across regions and cultures.

Our Advisors

Peter Brantley, Director, Online Strategy, UC Davis Library
Amy Buckland, Head, Research & Scholarship, University of Guelph
Alistair Croll, Co-chair, O’Reilly Strata & Next:Money conferences
Liza Daly, (former) CTO, Safari (O’Reilly Media)
Jessamyn West, Librarian and Community Technologist