Jobs @ Rebus

If you care about books, technology, the web, and open knowledge, please consider applying for a job with Rebus.

Current Job Openings

Back-End Developer (for Rebus Community)

We are looking for a Back-End Developer to work on the Rebus Community, where we develop tools and resources to support the publishing of free, open, and adaptable digital textbooks. See the job posting for this position for more details, including how to apply.

UX/Front-End Developer (for Rebus Community & Rebus Reader)

We are also hiring a UX/Front-End Developer, who will work on both Rebus Community and our Reader initiative. This new project is about creating a web-based application that supports scholarly reading, research, annotation, and collections management. The posting for this position provides complete details, including how to apply.

About the Rebus Foundation

Rebus is born of an idealistic vision of the web, and we believe in increasing access to knowledge and education. We love books, and spend our time reimagining how books can be made and used in a web-connected, digital universe, then trying to build things to make these re-imaginings come true. We believe in the power of technology, done right, to do good things, and in giving people more access to tools that help them build, share, and interact with knowledge.

We are a small and passionate team, based in Montreal (QC), Canada, and we hope you might consider joining us.

If you share this sense of purpose, you’re in the right place! Feel free to contact us with any questions at

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Rebus is committed to building a diverse team, with people from a range of backgrounds. We believe that diverse teams help drive innovation. Equity, inclusion and diversity are core values for us, for the technologies we build and the communities we support. We strive to ensure that our team reflects these values.